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I love a great entrepreneur story. A designer has a concept and the engineering chops to see it through to completion and then devotes years to perfecting that concept. I particularly love it when the engineer is also a military veteran who continues his work and passion between deployments overseas. Jeffrey Smith followed his dream for twenty years while on active duty or the reserves. Now that he has retired and has at the same time developed this best iteration of his research, it is time to get the word out about the Fidelium Cable. In the world of high-end cables, it is a steal. $995 USD for each 6ft. stereo set. These cables do compete with higher-priced cables. They also look terrific—a deep gold river running from your amp to your speakers.

Over time great values in audio reveal themselves. Gear that performs to an audiophile’s expectations yet leaves room in the budget for other gear or more music. Gear like an ELAC speaker or KEF LS50, a Luxman integrated or a VPI Scout turntable. Each find improves the system yet leaves some budget on the table for later. Seasoned audiophiles recognize these products for their performance versus their affordable prices. The Silversmith Audio Fidelium speaker cables should join the conversation, and as an audiophile, you should take notice and find a way to schedule an audition. I suspect you will have some new cables in your system soon. Highly recommended. 

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