Audiophile Electrician – Interview and Onsite Footage of Consultation

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dCS LINA Overview: Network DAC, Headphone Amp

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dCS | Wilson | Audio | Dan D’Agostino | Audio Research | Transparent

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Paragon Sight & Sound latest install in a splendid photo album. Featured in this system Data Conversion Systems Ltd (dCS) Vivaldi One Apex Player, Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic speakers in custom white finish, Wilson Audio WAMM Master Subsonic Subwoofers in custom white finish, Dan D’Agostino  Master Audio Systems Relentless mono amplifiers, D’Agostino Relentless preamplifier, Clearaudiohifi Statement V2 turntable, Audio Research Corporation REF10 phono preamplifier


Alpine F1 Status and why it is the best car audio system ever

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Avantgarde Acoustic • Trio G3 Loudspeakers and SpaceHorn Subwoofers Review

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Is the Trio G3 system as good as the very best? I don’t know because I haven’t heard the very best Trio G3 system — the one with six bass horns. But if you can accommodate the Trio G3 with a single pair of SpaceHorns and want to match or better its performance, I can’t see you getting close unless you look at speakers like the Tidal Akira or the Wilson XVX (with subs) — along with the amplification to match. Either option represents a serious step up in price. That makes the Trio G3 more than just musically impressive. It makes it impressive value too. For those of us for whom even the most modest Trio setup is simply too large or too expensive, the iTron technology will find its way into more affordable and more easily accommodated Avantgarde speakers, like the Duo models. An active Duo Mezzo, with its horn-loaded bass cabinet and twin spherical horns, remains for me a simply mouth-watering prospect.

New Wave: Transverse 

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Woo WA33 Review 

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Though I found Dirac Live completely competent in its free version, I still preferred the sound with it turned off. And rather than spending the $99 on the full software package right away, I urge buyers to experiment with Dirac limited to 500Hz. If your room is reasonably well treated, the C 399 delivers smooth and balanced sound on its own.

With NAD’s usual efficient design, the C 399 is a great match for just about any speakers you care to use. Big towers, detailed bookshelves, electrostats; I doubt there is anything this amp can’t drive. If you have around $2,500 in your amplifier budget, I urge you to check it out.

Diana Phi TC Review

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Balanced Audio Technology VK80i Integrated Amplifier $9995 Review

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Next in line for the BAT was the Innersound Isis 3.5 electrostatic hybrid, one of the most cohesive hybrids I’ve ever auditioned, and a challenging capacitive load in the treble range. Hooked up to the Low impedance taps, the Innersound Isis sang sweetly with superb timbre fidelity. And soundstage transparency was spectacular. The BAT seemed totally unfazed by this load and coaxed plenty of dynamics from a speaker that usually requires solid-state muscle amplification

Kudos to the BAT team for launching the all-tube VK80i. It is above all else a superb demonstration of triode power. If you’ve been mired in an audio rut, living with a cookie-cutter push-pull beam power or pentode amp, listen up. Sonic happiness in a glass bottle is within reach. You owe it to yourself to audition the VK80i. You’ll discover as I did that there is no turning back. 

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