HiFiMan Susvara Headphones $6000 Review

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“Once again, I went back to the HE1000 V2s, and once again, the difference was obvious. The HE1000 V2s made Jackson’s tenor sax sound breathier and thinner, and overemphasized Drummond’s brushed cymbals. This time, I also threw in Audeze’s LCD-Xes ($1799), a well-regarded open-backed, planar-magnetic design. The LCD-Xes gave me a much different sound. It was punchier, with stronger bass and treble — more dynamic, more kick-ass, but also more like a typical multimiked, multitracked jazz recording than a Chesky recording”



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The headphones are physically transparent as well. There are no cones or magnets in the way to block light, so you can see through them. The open back allows the user to hear sounds in the room, so if your spouse says, “Put the headphones down, and come help me set the table for dinner,” you will hear her. I thought at first room sounds would be distracting, but I became so involved with the music from this incredible audio system, my brain tossed all external sounds aside.”

UHA Ultima2 Reel to Reel Tape Deck, $1,000,000 system – Video

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KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers – Hands On Review – Video

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Building a Reference Grade Listening Room

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” This HVAC system is a closed loop… the main air duct emerges from the fan/heat unit and goes through an electronic air purifier, then is separated into four outlet ducts… each of which travel to four different outlet vents on the ceiling. Each of the four outlet ducts has three 90 degree bends to reduce any fan noise. With four outlet ducts the velocity can be reduced. There are two cold air return vents located at the bottom of the front bass traps (these cold air return ducts act as part of the bass trap). These cold air returns are then ducted back to the heat/fan unit. With the door closed and no music playing the room is completely quiet… not a sound… when the HVAC unit comes on you can just barely tell it is on… any music or conversation makes it impossible to hear the HVAC.”

50 of the best hi-fi albums for audiophiles List

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Audio Salon Santa monica – Video

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