Woo Audio WA33 Fully-Balanced Headphone Amp/Preamp Review $7999

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Before I started writing this review, I said to myself that there really wasn’t much of a reason to break down how this component performed in different categories of its frequency response, bass, midrange, and treble. And yet after discussing some of its other sonic traits, I did just that. This might be due to the presence of its large tubes on the top of its cabinet, which aided in giving the Woo Audio WA33 what I can only describe as an organic sound, one that reproduced musical instruments and voices as many would describe as palpable. It was able to take the program material and present it simply as a music – often very dramatically – with a seemingly unlimited amount of somehow letting us in on the intentions of those who made the music on the recording. I suppose by describing its bass, midrange and treble response I could explain to others how it could do this, mostly because I don’t understand why the Woo Audio WA33 performs as spectacularly as it does. And with that, I’ll give a short description of its treble response.”


Living Voice • Vox Palladian/Palladian Basso Loudspeaker System Review

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“Despite the price, despite the sheer quality of the finish and the scale of the finished system, don’t confuse these speakers with some luxury exercise in cost-no-object consumption. These speakers are all — and only — about performance. In a market where an increasing number of products appear more concerned with their role as male jewelry than they do with their achievements in musical communication (the audio equivalents of tote bags with logos from the likes of Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana that are so big that they overlap the available surface), the Living Voice Vox-series speakers are a singular — and singularly successful — exception to that trend. If the general public struggles with brand recognition much beyond Bang & Olufsen or its spiritual descendent Devialet, if the likes of Wilson Audio are flying well below the popular radar, then where does that place the Vox Palladians? The simple fact is that nobody will buy them to impress their non-audio friends. You don’t buy them to impress your fashion-conscious audio buddies either. You don’t buy them to convince yourself that you are younger than you feel, and you certainly don’t buy them to impress your interior designer/decorator, who really isn’t going to understand the positional demands they dictate. You buy the Vox Palladians (assuming you can afford to) for one reason and one reason only — to be transported by music. Arguably more than any other speaker system I’ve tested, they stand or fall by that measure alone — and stand they most definitely do.”


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“Today we’re revealing quarterly reporting from three categories within the Discogs Database and Marketplace. We break down the increasing growth of user collections based on new (2017/2018, inclusive of reissues) and catalog releases. We then take a look at the Most Expensive Items Sold via Discogs over the course of the third quarter of 2018. We also have the Top 20 Best Selling Release Variations, which looks at the distinct release variants that are selling across the Discogs Marketplace. By breaking sales down to a variant level, we’re able to surface other leading releases that aren’t rolled under a singular master release.”

Ultrasonic Record Cleaner,

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Big Sound 2015 Tylls Take on the Amps

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Woo Audio WA33 Balanced Headphone Amplifier Review

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The WA33 could very well be the best sounding headphone amplifier ever to make its way into the lab, but its also the most expensive. Could it sound better? Maybe. I do recall hearing Woo’s own pinnacle monoblocks ($16k) at an audio show complete reset my thinking for what can be achieved in person audio with proper support, but lets keep things (somewhat) practical for this exercise. The dual chassis case will fit on a desktop and despite its high society price tag is manageable and fully balanced for an end-to-end experience that can both wow and whisper. The bonus preamp callabilities make some sense for near field or desktop listening and all other qualifiers as a top tier headphone amplifier are firmly checked.”

BURSON Class-A headphone amp Review

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“The Bang is a powerful yet compact power amplifier that would be at home in both a PC based system as well as a HiFi system. If you partner it with the Play you have a remote from which you can adjust the volume, with the Fun you only have the volume pot. The Bang does not shy away from a challenge and it will do justice to many easier to driver speakers out there, it sounds a lot better than the cheaper integrated amps around the same price, the only downside is you will need a pre-amp to match the amount of inputs you need”

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