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” At the end of the day, there is only one valid question; what do you want and expect from your system/power amplifiers? If energetic, transparent sound, that daringly lurks on the solid state side of affairs for the speed and power, but keeps the harmonic, non over overblown richness of the tube world as raison d’être, then Auris Audio Forte 150 tube monoblocks might light your sensory green lights.”


Wilson Audio Alexx Loudspeakers $109,000 Review


“At $109k a pair, you’d most certainly expect any speaker to reproduce all these attributes and then some; and rightfully so. That’s a whole lot of dough. Cough, rasp, cough. To the initiated—i.e. those who already drink from HiFi’s Kool Aid—the speaker’s price point has today become quasi accepted. To the uninitiated, the price point seems absurdly ludicrous. That is of course, until they are educated on the “Why” question. No more could your average weekend warrior speaker “guy” create a transducer like Alexx than violently shaking the pieces of a Daytona hoping for the final product to magically materialize in your mystical box of trickery. A quick review of the facts, a visit to the Wilson factory, would reveal the resoluteness and sanity of Alexx’s asking price. ”




“As I’ve said, there are rival products, some of which turn in a different sound, and some of those sounds you might prefer over the DAVE. And there are some digital converters that come so close to the DAVE’s performance that you’d struggle to hear the difference in some settings. But the DAVE will likely show its hand sooner or later. It may be in dealing with a format, or outputting to a super insightful system or headphone, but the DAVE is a tough act to better all round.”


Boulder Amplifiers 2150 monoblock power amplifier $99,000/pair Review

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“The Boulder 2150 is a state-of-the-art powerhouse of an amplifier designed to impart little or none of its own character on the sound of the incoming signal. Boulder has accomplished this by engineering noise to an absolute measurable minimum. The 2150 did likewise with distortion and every other sonic parameter. Its 0 ohm, nonreactive output impedance ensures that its behavior won’t vary, regardless of the electrical characteristics of the loudspeaker in use.”


Sound Lab Ultimate U-4iA electrostatic speaker $21,300 Review

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“Depending on the music, the amount of bottom-end energy could be excessive and would call for tonal adjustments to the speaker. Hootie and the Blowfish’s “Use Me” continued the impressive demonstration of the U-4iA’s bottom-end capacity, but was so overtly present in the lower frequencies that it was in danger of overrunning the upper half of the spectrum. I adjusted the midrange and treble to +3dB to compensate and an acceptable balance was restored. To my ear, leaving the tonal controls flat brings a more “tube like” character from the Sound Lab, versus adjustment upward of them bringing out a touch of solid-state forwardness. Note that this effect can also be further increased or decreased to one’s satisfaction by proper selection of cables.”


Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems $50,000 Momentum Lifestyle Integrated Amplifier w/DAC & Audio Streaming – Review

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” My concentration changes focus throughout the piece, in sort of a meditative way as it ebbs and flows throughout the piece. I found this happening when listening to the MLife play my favorite power orchestral pieces. Regardless of how boisterous the music might become, my focus changes throughout the piece, focusing on different instruments, different sections of the orchestra, and to its soloists. As it does in real life. The dynamic distance the MLife can create with this large group of instrument is second to none in my experience, regardless of whether I’m listening to the internal DAC fed by the Ethernet connection or a source connected through an interconnect, digital or analog”



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