Month: September 2015

Sony NW-ZX100HN hands on

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Looking at the side profile, the ZX100HN also appears slimmer and neater than the ZX2 – the mound which protrudes out of the back of the flagship model hasn’t transferred further down the food chain. Instead, the ZX100HN favours a more streamlined look with a subtle bump. The back panel, meanwhile, now seems to be covered in textured rubber instead of leather.

XTZ Cinema Series 3X12 Subwoofer Review

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The XTZ 3X12 was also subjected to a battery of sub busting movie demo scenes in order to see how well it coped with extreme demands and whether it is protected well enough to avoid obvious distortion or even damage. I used the same -10 master volume that I playback movies at for all of the subwoofer reviews. These tracks are some of the most demanding tracks available when it comes to identifying weaknesses or causing distress to subwoofers. The fact is that most any subwoofer can do justice with light jazz or pop at room conversation level, provided it is setup right and doesn’t have major design flaws



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More than any other quality this is a carry over (and extension) from the SA1, a speaker that had the uncanny knack of allowing each recording to sound individual and distinctive. The D1 takes that so much further, its ability to respond to sudden dynamic shifts and its added range of colour, the body it brings to voices and instruments, and the remarkable rhythmic coherence it displays across its entire range revealing not just the character of each performance but the nature of the recording itself. If ever there was a little speaker that could, then this is it…01-Spendor-D1-Spendor-Dark-+-stand-+-wall