Ayon Stealth DAC and CD-T II Signature CD Transport Review

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“The DSD upsampling function is a 995 euro option for the CD-T II transport. Personally, I would leave it out when purchasing it, but this is very much a relative matter. I know that there are many DSD fans out there and depending on personal taste and system matching, one might have a view different from mine. As with virtually all aspects of these two high tech products, the choice is yours, all the options are there, for the user to freely choose between.”



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“But the design feature that is a standout for me has to do with the PD70-AE’s capacitors. These are no ordinary off-the-shelf caps. Instead, they were custom made for Pioneer and one huge reason why this player sounds so good and so different, from any of Pioneer’s previous flagship machines.

Connections are laid on and include one pair of gold-plated RCA outputs, one pair of gold-plated XLR outputs, one coaxial output, one optical output, one coaxial input and one optical input.”

TAD Evolution Series D1000MK2 Disc Player $14,995 Review

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‘The beautiful thing about owning a device like the TAD D1000MK2 Disc Player is you don’t have to worry, you just have to be happy. I did spin some shiny discs on the TAD’s disc spinner and they all sounded good. Really good. Better than the file? I wouldn’t say better but if you own lots of discs, CDs and perhaps more importantly SACDs that you don’t plan to turn into files, you can rest assured that the TAD will serve them very well. For my personal listening preferences, the TAD TAD-DA1000 DAC ($10,995) makes more sense because the physical music media I enjoy is of the vinyl variety but part of me really loves the sexy silent machined smooth beauty of the D1000MK2’s disc mechanism. It certainly plucks at my lover-of-lovely-things heartstrings.”

Chord Blu MkII review

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“Why would you want to add noise to the data stream? Using dither is a well-known technique in digital products to help improve resolution at very low signal levels. Here it only works for 16-bit signals, letting 24-bit streams pass unaffected.

With CD, we prefer the sound with the added dither as there’s a slightly greater sense of solidity and overall subtlety.”

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“This model embodies the philosophy and technical standards behind TAD’s dedication to conveying all the passion contained within music. Testifying to this is the latest development derived from our top-end, highly praised TAD-D600 disc player: the Ultra-High C/N*1 Master Clock UPCG*2. To ensure precise reproduction with no tonal changes, TAD focused on minimizing low frequency distortion caused by noise from the clock itself occupying the same spectral region. Designed to achieve a pure low-noise signal approaching the upper limits of audibility, our highly innovative master clock is featured in this model.

OPPO UDP-205 $1,300 REVIEW

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“I found the HA-1 to be more musical on the low end and more reserved on top than the flat neutral 9018 of the Burson 9018 Conductor. Here, I have almost no reference point for the newer 9038Pro used in the UDP-205. I can say that I think it has more of a shared tonality to the HA-1 of old than anything else. So, in other words, the 9038PRO here in front of me with whatever other parts are in there, sounds more like the HA-1’s 9018 circuits than anything else I can think of.”


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“I realize that the more I wrote about the music I listened to, the less I talked about the McIntosh D1100 2-Channel Digital Preamplifier. That is really the highest praise I can give to an audio component. Listening to quality music through the D1100 brought me a level of involvement and joy that I have not experienced in a long time. I wasn’t thinking about the playback gear, I was simply getting lost in the sound. I had forgotten just how good two-channel music can be when played through a top-notch piece of gear and the D1100 did nothing to pull me out of my sonic dreamland. From a sound quality perspective, the McIntosh D1100 delivered everything I could possibly want; amazing bass, a beautiful midrange, detailed and airy treble, stunning imaging, and an expansive soundstage”

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