OPPO UDP-205 Hi-Res Music & 4k Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player $1299 Review

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” The term “audio” comprises both the technology involved and the resultant sound. Insofar far as music reproduction is concerned, what’s the point of digital audio if the end result is audio shite? Measurements can provide engineers data about certain parameters of performance and suggest changes that should improve the outcome but, in the final analysis, it is our ear that determines the truth of the thing.”

Accuphase DP-560 REVIEW


“The full name of the DP-560 player is the MDS SA-CD Player. MDS refers to a technology that Accuphase has been developing for years – the Multiple Delta-Sigma – and means that a few DACS are connected in parallel. Thanks to this, their quantization errors are minimized and dynamics is improved. At the time when the ESS Technology ES9018S reigns, it is really simple – there are eight DACs in each circuit and they can be used to decode multi-channel signal or be connected in parallel for stereophonic signal; the latter option is used by many manufacturers.”



” The McIntosh MB50 is a remarkably versatile device. It’s a first toe in the streaming waters for many McIntosh users, it’s the obvious next step for MHA150 and MXA70 users, and for some it might be their first McIntosh product. It’s capable of standalone use, although I’d recommend using it in conjunction with an amp or headphone amp, and it communicates to the outside world effortlessly using the Play-Fi app. It’s not without idiosyncrasies – the lack of wired DLNA streaming seems a notable exclusion – but the potential for using this as the start of an ad hoc Play-Fi network does offer future promise. Recommended.”




OPPO Digital UDP-205 Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Player Review

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“I then brought the UDP-205 temporarily into my bedroom home theater system, routing it via both HDMI and stereo RCA through Anthem’s MRX 720 receiver into my old Samsung 1080p plasma, mostly to test the player’s HDR-to-SDR conversion capabilities and to perform some quick listening comparisons between the Anthem’s DAC and that of the UDP-205.”

Vivaldi 2.0 Digital Playback System Review

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“Often when I’m writing a review I try to think about the person who might audition and then buy the product at hand. How would his or her wants and needs inform the buying decision? For much of my time with the Vivaldi 2.0, I was too preoccupied with my own wants and needs, greedily shuffling through my CDs and SACDs and raiding John Quick’s USB and NAS drives, to consider anything beyond the simple pleasure of listening to music. While it’s staggering how many ways you can integrate a Vivaldi 2.0 system into your audio system and home network, I personally would keep it simple (so to speak) and use it primarily for playing discs, relegating file replay to what could be copied to thumb drives”



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” Much of the emphasis of these Version 2.0 upgrades is targeted at improving the ability of users to employ high-resolution sources. I personally continue to like playing CDs, but the industry is clearly moving with the introduction of servers. So when Quick proposed setting me up with a router and a NAS, I was eager to give it a go, especially because I have a cache of private recordings bestowed upon me by recording engineer Peter McGrath that I always enjoy playing.”


dCS Rossini Player & Rossini Clock

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” The combination of the dCS Rossini Player and Clock produced what was, overall, the best sound from digital I have experienced in my system. While not as laid-back as the sound of my long-term reference PS Audio DAC, it didn’t suffer from the glare that often accompanies digital components that concentrate on resolution at the expense of listenability. With the Rossini I got both, whether from CDs or files played via Ethernet or USB.”


Meridian 808V6 Signature Reference CD player review

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” The big news here though is the V6’s ability to decode MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) files, a Meridian-developed compression format that aims to deliver accurate sound while packaging hi-res music into about the same amount of space as conventional CD-spec (16-bit/44.1kHz) files.”


OPPO BDP 101Ci Blu-Ray Player

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” Even in its scaled down form the BDP-101CI still offers key features such as 4K scaling, bitstream output for important lossless surround sound codec such as Dolby Atmos and DTS-X, high resolution USB ports and legacy digital outputs.”


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