CH Precision • D1.5 CD/SACD Player and Transport $46,000. Review

February 16, 2023 Comments Off on CH Precision • D1.5 CD/SACD Player and Transport $46,000. Review

Where the CH Precision D1.5 MQA playback really shines, however, is with exceptionally well-recorded classical music, and nothing shines brighter than the Lisa Batiashvili and Daniel Barenboim disc of Tchaikovsky’s and Sibelius’s Violin Concertos. It comes in a standard CD package [Deutsche Grammophon 479 6038] but also in a UHQCD package with MQA encoding [Deutsche Grammophon Uccg-41048 484 2089]. It is a modern recording, made in 2016, and is thus fully MQA Studio. The improvement with the UHQCD/MQA disc is not subtle. The original disc was an exceptional-sounding CD, but the improvements with the MQA version, played on the CH Precision player, are nothing short of stunning. The soundstage opened up and details lost in the digital haze were fleshed out. How much does all this boil down to improvements from the UHQCD manufacturing and how much to the MQA? The newer disc is certainly a significant improvement played on a non-MQA player like the Neodio simply because of the UHQCD manufacturing, but MQA Studio encoding takes it into another league.


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