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Philips Fidelio X1 review

“The X1s are top-class performers and good enough to worry the very best that Grado and AKG make at this level.”


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ALO Audio Studio Six Headphone Amp Video walk thru


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Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Signature Series Cables Review

Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Signature Series Cables Review

“Snake River Signature Cables are distinguished by the ribbed and iridescent entwined coloration of their jackets.”

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FOSTEX HP-A4: MINI HP-A8 headphone amp ‘review’

Fostex HP-A4: Mini HP-A8

“Just about the most perfect balance of technicalities and musicality I’ve seen south of $1000. It has the sound stage, the depth, resolution, separation, but it manages to be so musically involving and toe-tapping”

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Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold headphone amp $6,000 VIDEO

Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold


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It will play compressed MP3s, iTunes files and such like (but not .aiff), CD rips and modern 24/96 or 192 material too. At the price it’s a great portable, and a good high-quality domestic digital player.”


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thinksound On1 On-Ear Headphones ‘Review’ $300

“One of the selling points of the thinksound On1 headphones is their weight. At 6.5 ounces, they barely weigh anything at all. When I first picked them up”


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