D’Agostino Relentless Preamp Preamplifier Review

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‘From there, I couldn’t resist trying it in a preamplifier circuit. The Momentum Preamplifier was the first one to benefit from this FET input stage, becoming the Momentum HD in the process [HFN Apr ’20]. However, I knew we could achieve more starting with a blank slate and additional real estate to fully exploit the benefits of our FET concept.’

So will we see this FET circuit exploited in other line stage applications? ‘Certainly’, declares Dan, ‘we’ve already inserted an additional FET stage between the DAC output and the Relentless Preamplifier circuitry in our forthcoming Streaming Module’.

Dan’s outboard Phono Preamp (‘I haven’t had time to think of another name yet’, he admits) will be the next component in the Relentless series, powered off the back of the Preamplifier. RIAA equalisation will be all-passive, sandwiched between two ‘Relentless’ FET stages and offering a total +70dB gain. ‘It’ll be MC only’, says Dan. ‘And more to come?’, I ask. Dan pauses.


Why Octave Records does not use reference monitors

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Von Schweikert Audio Ultra 7 loudspeaker $180,000

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Finally, VSA’s revolutionary Room Adjustment Control Suite. Von Schweikert Audio’s designs are 100% analog and achieve reference flat frequency response shipped from the factory. Yet they understand the real-world challenge of getting flat response in the various listening room By utilizing our Room Adjustment Control Suite consisting of autoformers with induvial signal paths for each level selection, they can adjust the Main Tweeter, Super Tweeter and Rear Ambient Array independently by 1/2 dB increments allowing us to achieve much greater reference performance in your room than any other analog loudspeakers available. This is one of the key factors that led to our unprecedent number of Best in Show awards over the years.

Audio Note UK M1 Phono preamp & Empress Silver parallel single-ended triode monoblocks Review

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I have fielded e-mails from audiophiles asking me about which power amp to get and I can’t answer that except to say that if you listen to a lot of rock and pop the Empress is more exciting to listen to than comparable Quest 300Bs in my experience. If you want that lusher, softer, valve-like presentation you may want the 300B or even Audio Note Paladin 45 output tube, which I like but is limited to just 2 watts per channel.

With the M1 warmed up and ears now used to the sound of its presentation, I was impressed by the preamp’s low noise floor and its ability to get along with not only the Empress Silver monoblocks but also my KingKo KA101 Pro EL84 integrated (used as a power amp) and, perhaps most surprisingly, my Wyred 4 Sound mAmp monoblocks. This is important because a good preamp gives the listener a choice of power amps. A lot of audiophiles on forums own speakers that are “borderline” in terms of efficiency and sensitivity. Yes, a low-powered SET amp will drive an 87dB sensitive speaker rated at 4 ohms but the amplifier won’t want to play AC/DC or large-scale classical music. When you want to play and be truly beguiled by Eva Cassidy, then the Empress will give you that added bit of magic 


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Kimber Kable Naked £12,700 Review

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Physically lightweight, Kimber’s Naked still packs as much experience and ‘technology’ into its fragile frame as you’ll find in any battleship interconnect. Here, oxidation-resistant solid-core conductors meet as ideal a dielectric as might practically be devised, and all without skewing the basic ‘lumped’ LCR parameters. While it’s as neutral and equipment-agnostic an interconnect as you’ll encounter, an in situ demo remains de rigueur.

ATC SIA2-100 integrated amplifier Review

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ZZ Top bass player Dusty Hill sadly passed away toward the end of my listening, so I paid my respects by putting Tejas [Warner Bros] on the turntable and allowing the Rega Aphelion 2’s stylus to work its way across side A to the fabulous ‘Enjoy and Get it On’. The needle was sufficiently warmed by the third track for the raw sound of the band’s precision boogie to really get under my skin and by the time the desired track came around it was smoking, Billy Gibbons’ guitar delivering a scorching solo over the perfectly synched rhythms of Hill and drummer Frank Beard. With a digital source supplying a line level signal you get a bit more detail and finesse than the onboard DAC with equally impressive timing but in truth the result wasn’t dramatically superior to the onboard converter, and that, for a £2.5k component, is a decent result.

HI FI System

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Parasound JC 1+ Monoblock Amplifiers | REVIEW

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The term I would use is stoic. Don’t expect audio fireworks or a warm hug kind of sound. Yet the Parasound JC 1+ does all the things you’d expect an amp of this caliber to do. There was no major sense of lack of color or excitement, they simply tell a speaker to move like the music moves, just not in quite the same way that those ultra-mega-buck vacuum tube or solid state amps do. Now that I’ve gotten used to a high level of performance in my system, I find color to be very overrated. Yes, I still love the listening experience I get with vinyl and tubes. However, even in that area my taste has evolved to the cleanest sounding of tubes and record playing devices and similarly with solid state gear. But I’m very picky about the exact kind of clean.

On my wish list for the Parasound JC 1+ would be a very slightly bloomier low end along with a smidgen of extra juice to the mids. No, the amps never sounded thin, but for me most stuff I played didn’t quite have the harmonic juice and sense of thickness and density that I hear in most tube amps and many ultra pricy solid state amps.

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