D’Agostino Relentless Preamp Preamplifier Review

April 30, 2022 § Leave a comment


‘From there, I couldn’t resist trying it in a preamplifier circuit. The Momentum Preamplifier was the first one to benefit from this FET input stage, becoming the Momentum HD in the process [HFN Apr ’20]. However, I knew we could achieve more starting with a blank slate and additional real estate to fully exploit the benefits of our FET concept.’

So will we see this FET circuit exploited in other line stage applications? ‘Certainly’, declares Dan, ‘we’ve already inserted an additional FET stage between the DAC output and the Relentless Preamplifier circuitry in our forthcoming Streaming Module’.

Dan’s outboard Phono Preamp (‘I haven’t had time to think of another name yet’, he admits) will be the next component in the Relentless series, powered off the back of the Preamplifier. RIAA equalisation will be all-passive, sandwiched between two ‘Relentless’ FET stages and offering a total +70dB gain. ‘It’ll be MC only’, says Dan. ‘And more to come?’, I ask. Dan pauses.

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