Von Schweikert Audio Ultra 7 loudspeaker $180,000

April 29, 2022 Comments Off on Von Schweikert Audio Ultra 7 loudspeaker $180,000

Finally, VSA’s revolutionary Room Adjustment Control Suite. Von Schweikert Audio’s designs are 100% analog and achieve reference flat frequency response shipped from the factory. Yet they understand the real-world challenge of getting flat response in the various listening room By utilizing our Room Adjustment Control Suite consisting of autoformers with induvial signal paths for each level selection, they can adjust the Main Tweeter, Super Tweeter and Rear Ambient Array independently by 1/2 dB increments allowing us to achieve much greater reference performance in your room than any other analog loudspeakers available. This is one of the key factors that led to our unprecedent number of Best in Show awards over the years.


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