Parasound JC 1+ Monoblock Amplifiers | REVIEW

April 27, 2022 Comments Off on Parasound JC 1+ Monoblock Amplifiers | REVIEW

The term I would use is stoic. Don’t expect audio fireworks or a warm hug kind of sound. Yet the Parasound JC 1+ does all the things you’d expect an amp of this caliber to do. There was no major sense of lack of color or excitement, they simply tell a speaker to move like the music moves, just not in quite the same way that those ultra-mega-buck vacuum tube or solid state amps do. Now that I’ve gotten used to a high level of performance in my system, I find color to be very overrated. Yes, I still love the listening experience I get with vinyl and tubes. However, even in that area my taste has evolved to the cleanest sounding of tubes and record playing devices and similarly with solid state gear. But I’m very picky about the exact kind of clean.

On my wish list for the Parasound JC 1+ would be a very slightly bloomier low end along with a smidgen of extra juice to the mids. No, the amps never sounded thin, but for me most stuff I played didn’t quite have the harmonic juice and sense of thickness and density that I hear in most tube amps and many ultra pricy solid state amps.


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