Nagra Debuts its New Reference Anniversary Turntable/Tonearm 

April 27, 2022 Comments Off on Nagra Debuts its New Reference Anniversary Turntable/Tonearm

The drive unit employs a pair of high precision, Swiss made, decoupled, brushless DC motors. The drive system alone weighs 24.6 pounds. An accelerometer monitors the floating chassis to insure absolute stability before speed calibration, which is accomplished over a 20 second window during actual vinyl playback. During the cycle the platter’s speed is compared to a high precision quartz reference. During listening no active speed control occurs, which is said to eliminate the negative sonic effects created by “cogging” and other issues produced by active speed adjustment protocols.

The platter material is of a highly specialized, very high density (60% more dense than titanium) non-ferrous alloy with extreme damping properties, called Exium AM® developed by a French company at the request of CNES (France’s equivalent to NASA). The alloy, after being spun in a centrifugal casting machine in molten form, is CNC machined into a 14.3 pound platter. It’s the first audio component ever to be produced using this exotic material.


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