DIAMOND MINI loudspeaker ‘review’

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“Despite being relatively large for a standmount, basic physics dictates that the Mini-X is never going to have prodigious amounts of low-end heft. And, after all, Usher has its larger floorstanding models for those looking for room-shaking subsonics”



Sennheiser IE 800 In-Ear Headphone ‘Review’ $1,000

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“Comparing the IE 800 with one of my custom-molded in-ear references, JH Audio’s $1,099 JH13 FreqPhase, was interesting. First, the IE 800 was more open and relaxed, but the JH13 was more detailed, faster, and more dynamically alive”


Sennheiser IE800 Earphone Review VIDEO’

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McIntosh MT5 Turntable ‘video’

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Audeze LCD-X Review $1,699

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Audeze LCD-X Review

“Having faster transients, the instrument separation is very good. At first I thought LCD-3 has better instrument separation because of the more laid back sound and better instrument extension. However LCD-X betters the 3 here because the instruments are better contoured and their position are easier to pick because of this”


McIntosh MT5 turntable

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http://www.monoandstereo.com/2013/12/mcintosh-mt5-turntable.htmlb bb b bn

Alessandro Music Series Pro (Grado) $699.00

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“Realism for soundstage is a good thing, what make the good better is the realism of sound. Instrument sounded real as well, despite I am calling MSPro as neutral and balanced.”


Peachtree Audio novaPre and Peachtree220 amplifier Review’

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“The novaPre and Peachtree220 aspire to achieve more for the budget audiophile and are successful in their endeavors. The move up to separates from the company’s cost-conscious intergrateds yields more setup versatility and more power, while still maintaining the product line’s more-for-less roots”


Pro-Ject Tube Box DS ‘Review’ $699

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I spent too much time in my youth listening to cassettes on a Walkman, like many of those my age, so maybe all those iPod users may still morph into hardcore audiophiles who savour the sound of a good pair of loudspeakers



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“The Raytheon, as is typically the case, fulfilled its sonic potential and made for a sweeter and more liquid midrange that helped beautify string tone on less-than-ideal recordings”


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