Electrocompaniet Classic ECD 2 D/A processor ‘Review’

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“Tonally, the overall sounds of the Arcam and Electrocompaniet were very close with the Silverman Beethoven sonata. But again, the Arcam was slightly better at presenting the details of the room acoustic, ”


Dynaudio excite x14

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Meridian Digital Media System Control 10 ‘Review’

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The C10 today is still a stylish device and it offers the full seamless, foolproof Sooloos experience that the system is famous for. The C10 is perfect for people who don’t want to be bothered with computers.”


MrSpeakers Alpha Dog

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“Soundstage is actually one of those topics that were discussed a few months ago in detail and quite frankly I don’t find it as a huge upgrade to the Mad Dogs, but again, the “clearer” sound make it sound like it is a bit wider”



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“The T90 to me really is an awesome headphone and an ideal mix between detail and fun. Call me a fan”



Bryston Model T Basic Loudspeaker ‘Review’ $6,500.00 / pair

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“I believe that Bryston Model Ts are not priced according to performance, but rather they are priced to sell —and sell they will as sound quality is in line with or better than speakers selling for three times the price and then some.”


Nagra amps,home walk through

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AudioReview ‘Editor’s Choice Best Earphones’

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YBA Passion 650 power amplifier test and review

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“Passion 650 is without a doubt a product of designer who knows what he’s capable of and it’s true to the music with his quest. Within it’s price range and above it Passion 650 offers one of the most complete power amplifier packages, that brings not only great sound tuned to music”



System Audio 1070 loudspeaker ‘Review’

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“Overall, the System Audio 1070 was a rugged, reliable performer that never let me down, regardless of the material I threw at it. With its punchy bottom, lyrical midrange, and extended top end, it was capable of providing sustained satisfaction with a wide variety of music”


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