Avantgarde Acoustic Duo loudspeaker $13,900 Review

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Stereo image focus was fairly good, the phantom center image wider than usual but not unduly so. In general, I obtained good image depth and transparency from the Duo. Image stability was very good, and notably unaffected by sound level. I heard less room-excited ambience; the sound was clearly more directed (as horn theory teaches us) toward the listener, with less room contribution than usual in the mid and treble. This kind of room drive took a little getting used to; I consider it a significant component of the “difference” felt to exist between the horn and direct-radiator technologies. Of course, in some rooms with awkward, asymmetrical dimensions and acoustics, the horn speaker will provide a more consistent and more accurate sound at the listening position because of its controlled directional behavior.


Tidal Review

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“Below these personalised sections in the Home tab, you’ll find sections dedicated to the most popular playlists and albums on the service, as well as mood-based playlists, podcasts, radio stations and the Tidal Rising section, which helps promote new talent.

Away from ‘Home’ the two main tabs are ‘Explore’, which duplicates many of the discovery elements of ‘Home’ and seems rather redundant, and ‘Videos’, which hosts music videos. The final tab is ‘My Collection’, which groups all of your favourited music and custom playlists and also houses your downloads.

Tidal has also partnered with Tune My Music and Soundiiz to offer two ways of importing playlists from other streaming services, meaning you needn’t drag and drop everything again if you’re migrating from one of its rivals.”


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Volti Audio • Razz Loudspeakers $4999 Review

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“Roberts told me during his visit that he’s a big fan of EL34 push-pull amps, so I brought out my vintage Conrad-Johnson MV52. This was my first audiophile purchase, and it continues to be musically satisfying, even after decades of ownership. The sound with the Razz was excellent, with smooth highs, a lush midrange and just enough control of those 12″ woofers. This amp proved to be a great match for the Razz, responsible for the best listening sessions I had with the speakers. If my Yamamoto amp produced a more seductive tone, the push-pull Conrad-Johnson amp gave more oomph and produced bigger dynamic swings. And while the MV52 gave up ground in soundstage width and depth compared to the Yamamoto, it wasn’t by much, and the C-J amp countered with better pace and rhythm. I’m sure readers can think of many current pentode and tetrode amps that might produce similarly good or better results with the Razz.”

Grado GT220 Bluetooth Wireless IEM $259 Review

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Grado GT220 Bluetooth Wireless IEM Universal Fit Headphone is a stunning achievement. With the best definition, linearity, realism, and nearly unlimited dynamic range, you will be thoroughly entertained no matter where you may find yourself on the planet. At home with classical, jazz, whatever, they will give you that you-are-there presentation you crave. Listening fatigue was nonexistent. Grado has accomplished what I believed was impossible…wireless organic sound. Better get yours before the price goes up.”

Ayre Acoustics AX-5 Twenty

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Marten Oscar Duo loudspeaker $6995 Review

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The track begins with a short introduction: Oscar’s piano center stage, a bit of finger-cymbal percussion on the left, and then Ray Brown’s arco bass sweep, which should go deep and produce, at one point, a shuddery, visceral swell that’s felt as much as it’s heard. The tune then follows, with the trio in full swing. I’ll borrow a Dudley-ism here and write that these little speakers played the tune, with Brown’s bass sweep rising to a deeply felt swell and then, once the tune gets underway, well-articulated finger plucks that are not at all shy on bottom. Peterson’s piano sits, well-focused, well forward and center-stage, with clean attack, neither “tinkly” nor softened nor in any way inhibited by the lower/midbass congestion that’s so often the trade-off for bass extension (or the illusion of it) in small two-way loudspeakers.”

Little DOT LD H1 $1,399 Review

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Little Dot LD H1 Review

According to Little Dot, the fully discrete, symmetrical, pure class A amp circuit has better transient response and lower cross distortion than the asymmetric circuit, which makes the sound quality more sweet. You can find out more about the LD H1 hybrid design philosophy and the impact of it on the “sound” on the Little Dot product page. The beauty of a hybrid amp is that it in theory can drive headphones with an impedance between 16 and 600Ohm. We’ll be looking at the sound part later in this article.

The Little Dot LD H1 has a single ended RCA input, a 3-pin XLR input as well as a balanced 3-pin preamp output. Headphone-wise it has a 4-pin XLR balanced output and 6.35 SE output. Internally the LD H1 uses top quality components such as Philips BC Components electrolytic and coupling capacitors, as well as dedicated (German) Mundorf MCap EVO audio coupling capacitor.

Naim Mu-so 2nd Gen Review

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Analogue could still be seen by many as a radically different medium compared to digital technology. It has its qualities, but at the upper level of the 21st century, the differences are not as great as they were a few years ago.

The younger generation, born and grew up in the digital world, is wrongly generalized as unfathomable for the analog. Many of them are rediscovering the vast musical heritage of vinyl records and going even further by trying to find music that was never released in the digital realm.

The analog is not cemented in the older generation. It finally broke out of the mold. As with books, there is a positive trend towards recognizing the qualities of the analog medium and a deeper appreciation of the physical interaction with record and album covers. “

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