Little DOT LD H1 $1,399 Review

November 28, 2020 § Leave a comment

Little Dot LD H1 Review

According to Little Dot, the fully discrete, symmetrical, pure class A amp circuit has better transient response and lower cross distortion than the asymmetric circuit, which makes the sound quality more sweet. You can find out more about the LD H1 hybrid design philosophy and the impact of it on the “sound” on the Little Dot product page. The beauty of a hybrid amp is that it in theory can drive headphones with an impedance between 16 and 600Ohm. We’ll be looking at the sound part later in this article.

The Little Dot LD H1 has a single ended RCA input, a 3-pin XLR input as well as a balanced 3-pin preamp output. Headphone-wise it has a 4-pin XLR balanced output and 6.35 SE output. Internally the LD H1 uses top quality components such as Philips BC Components electrolytic and coupling capacitors, as well as dedicated (German) Mundorf MCap EVO audio coupling capacitor.

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