Marten Oscar Duo loudspeaker $6995 Review

November 28, 2020 § Leave a comment

The track begins with a short introduction: Oscar’s piano center stage, a bit of finger-cymbal percussion on the left, and then Ray Brown’s arco bass sweep, which should go deep and produce, at one point, a shuddery, visceral swell that’s felt as much as it’s heard. The tune then follows, with the trio in full swing. I’ll borrow a Dudley-ism here and write that these little speakers played the tune, with Brown’s bass sweep rising to a deeply felt swell and then, once the tune gets underway, well-articulated finger plucks that are not at all shy on bottom. Peterson’s piano sits, well-focused, well forward and center-stage, with clean attack, neither “tinkly” nor softened nor in any way inhibited by the lower/midbass congestion that’s so often the trade-off for bass extension (or the illusion of it) in small two-way loudspeakers.”

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