Volti Audio • Razz Loudspeakers $4999 Review

November 29, 2020 § Leave a comment


“Roberts told me during his visit that he’s a big fan of EL34 push-pull amps, so I brought out my vintage Conrad-Johnson MV52. This was my first audiophile purchase, and it continues to be musically satisfying, even after decades of ownership. The sound with the Razz was excellent, with smooth highs, a lush midrange and just enough control of those 12″ woofers. This amp proved to be a great match for the Razz, responsible for the best listening sessions I had with the speakers. If my Yamamoto amp produced a more seductive tone, the push-pull Conrad-Johnson amp gave more oomph and produced bigger dynamic swings. And while the MV52 gave up ground in soundstage width and depth compared to the Yamamoto, it wasn’t by much, and the C-J amp countered with better pace and rhythm. I’m sure readers can think of many current pentode and tetrode amps that might produce similarly good or better results with the Razz.”

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