PS Audio aspen FR30 Loudspeaker Review

July 30, 2022 Comments Off on PS Audio aspen FR30 Loudspeaker Review

But they’re just as effective with the exuberant playing on Tuomas Antero Turunen’s ‘Joy Dance’ from his Lifesparks album [Skip Records SKP 9154-2], fully making the listening experience live up to the title. Similarly, albeit different, the Helensburgh Tango from the Tord Gustavsen Trio’s Opening album [ECM 2742] is wonderfully dark and sombre, with its snare rolls and recessed instruments very unsettling.

Then again, the speakers soar with Sandrine Piau’s voice on her Rivales album [Alpha ALPHA824, 96kHz/24-bit], her aria from Gluck’s ‘La Clemenza de Tito’ especially vibrant thanks to the speaker’s free-breathing sound and purity of tone. They present Holly Coles voice on ‘I Could Write A Book’ [Holly, 2xHDRR1101; DSD128] with superb intimacy as she duets with Wycliffe Gordon before slipping into the languorous ‘Lazy Afternoon’, her voice set against the gentle Hammond B3 of Larry Goldings. It’s all delicious stuff – and addictive.

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