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“Those wanting a damn fine system with no pre-existing Linn Konditions are a little more nuanced in approach, but not much. In a way, the complete Klimax system makes multiple arguments at once: it makes a case for the Linn way of doing things, it makes the ultimate expression of active, Exakt, and Katalyst performance, and it suggests why that “the source is in the speaker” tag line actually makes quite a lot of sense when you listen to the ultimate expression of that concept.”

Tidal Force Wave 5 Planar Magnetic $300 Review

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“Just because they share similar specs and overall design doesn’t mean they sound the same. In fact, Tidal Force says that while the two headphones share similar industrial design, both the outer and inner earcups on the Wave 5 are improved over the Monoprice and that customization of the planar drivers results in better bass response and soundstaging. While I didn’t have the M560 on hand, I did have a pair of the $299 HiFiMan HE400S planar magnetic headphones, which are comparably priced with the Wave 5. So I spent some time comparing these two.


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” The JWM Acoustics Alyson AML have some unusual strengthens. As I spent more time with the Alyson’s I came to the realization that the Alyson’s are the most coherent speakers that I have ever heard. They sound even more coherent than full range electrostatics. I think that is because they present a consistent tonality across the frequency of the music being reproduced. Coupled with the superior rhythmic timing and the terrific dynamics of the JWM Acoustics Alyson AML design the music is presented as a complete organic whole. The speaker is elegant in its reproduction of harmonics.”

Playback Designs Integrated Single Chassis Sonic Masterpiece: The IPS-3 $13,000 – Review

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” When the IPS-3 arrived, as always hope poised against skeptical experience. It took little time for me to feel as if I’d climbed high promontories, finally (without strain), as if magic came to visit not long before Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dropped by to listen to his hero, and mine, Bobby Hutcherson. I love basketball at its zenith. So does Kareem. I love the inimitable jazz heritage”

Chord Blu Mk II + DAVE – Review

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“Considering all that, the Blu transport, even in the new Mk II version, may seem like an addition to the “main” product, or even a redundant product. In fact, it is the Blu, the inconspicuous CD transport, that allows DAVE to achieve a new level. Pairing Dave with third party CD transports as well as with media players / file servers, worked really well, but it seems that the Blu Mk II + DAVE are the ultimate solution. As if there was an open slot waiting for the new Chord’s transport, which when finally closed executed an additional program.”

AudioQuest’s Niagara 1000 $995 Review

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“Unlike hi-res PCM, MQA, DSD et al, this change up benefitted ALL music, not just those nominated for special treatment by rights holders. For this indie rock fan where production values are variable at best, seeing more life shine from lesser recordings’ eyes was a real boon.”

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