Decware Zen Torii MKIV amplifier ‘Review’

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“Almost every part of a Decware amp, except the tubes, is American-made. A crew of four men hand-craft the amps, and the quality of their work is exceptional.”


Centrance HiFi-M8 Review $700

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“The HiFi-M8 also sounded amazing with my Hifiman HE-6 full-size headphones. These headphones are so hard to drive they can’t be used with iPods or phones, only the most powerful home headphone amps let the HE-6s sing, so I was shocked by what this battery-powered amp could do”


Naim Statement + Focal Grande Utopia Video

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YG Acoustics Kipod II Signature Main Modules Speakers

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"This is a speaker capable of re-producing whatever you feed it, from any source, at levels better suited to medium sized rooms than the earlier model. This will not require extreme expenditures for quality electronics, but those electronics should not evidence any coarseness or grain, as these will surely be exposed"


Ayre Acoustics QB-9 DSD DAC Review

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“I’m Frequently asked for DAC recommendations as if my opinion actually matters in another’s listening room and between another’s ears.”


Red Wine Audio Liliana Renaissance Edition mono block amplifier

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“the air and separation are contingent on, and tunable to taste because of, the the extravagant silences and your tubes. But pretty much regardless of tubes I had on hand to explore, the bass delivery was strong, tuneful, and deep, with a sound stage that was easily on par with my personal references.”


PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium power amplifier

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"Curious, I opened up the DiaLogue Premium and made a few cursory measurements, at which time I discovered that the position of the selector switch makes a difference of less than 2V for the same tube: –54.6V when set for KT120s vs –56.4V when set for EL34s."

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mcintosh-laboratory-mcd550 Review

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Polymer Audio Research MKS Loudspeakers review $42,000

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“It extends incredibly deep, making this compact floorstander sound at least twice its size, and likely contributes to the vast sense of spaciousness the review samples could provide in my room”

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What headphone buyers need to know, Part 1

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What headphone buyers need to know, Part 1

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