Chord Electronics Symphonic MC Phono Preamplifier $4495 Review

January 11, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“What I heard when spinning records while the Chord Electronics Symphonic MC phono preamp was in my system was music, with nothing added, nothing subtracted, and was as if I was hearing a direct connection to the potential of my analog set-up. This is because this phono preamplifier is obviously made by those who put a value not on any sonic exhibitionism, but only on the music. At the same time Chord Electronics also has on staff some very creative designers, because while the Symphonic is performing its job of expertly transferring the small signal from the phono cartridge to the linestage, it looks extremely good while doing it. To all those who use MC cartridges in their analog set ups, I highly recommend this phono preamp.”


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