GoldenEar Technology Triton One.R Loudspeaker $5,998 Review

January 7, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“To get a sense of how the speakers sounded in my room during his visit, Gross played a mix of demo tracks he typically uses at audio shows. Thankfully, he left that CD behind. One track, “Nomads,” by jazz bassist Buster Williams, really captured my attention. Listening to it, Buster’s standup bass sounded completely seamless as he wound his way from the highest to the lowest registers of the instrument. Cymbals and piano had a crisp, airy presentation, and a vibraphone floated across the soundstage in a strikingly 3D-like manner during Stefon Harris’ solo. The powerful sense of atmosphere that the One.R speakers conveyed conjured up memories of my time with the Triton Reference, which had a similarly vivid and realistic presentation.”

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