iFi Audio xDSD DAC $399 Review

January 10, 2019 § Leave a comment

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” see two quite different “types” of audiophile as the primary customers for the xDSD. First, younger, more mobile-oriented audiophiles with smartphones and portable computers could find the xDSD to be the perfect “step-up” audio device to improve sound from all sources. Long-time audiophiles (the ones with the 25-year-old DACs that they still love for Red Book) could add an xDSD to their system as an auxiliary digital device that would give them access to all the newest high-resolution files, streams, and digital codecs for a pittance of the price they paid for their “main-squeeze” DAC. Both types of audiophile will be pleased and impressed by the xDSD’s flexibility, utility, performance level, and overall value. I know I was.”


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