Shunyata Research • Denali 6000/S, 6000/T and 2000/T Power Conditioners Review

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“Remember that the 6000/S also contains the same technology physicians are using in Shuyata’s medical conditioners to improve diagnostic imaging. While I’m not even a doctor on TV, I am qualified to describe what happened when I used the 6000/S conditioner in my modest home-theater system, which includes a six-year-old Sony Bravia HDTV. I’d been considering an upgrade to Sony’s 4K UHD set, but the saturated colors, vivid detail and crisp definition that appeared on the Bravia’s screen when I hooked up to the Denali made me think twice. It’s an old audiophile cliche to drag one’s family into these sorts of stories, but the God’s honest truth is that my wife asked, “What did you do?!” when she saw this year’s Olympics on the Sony after the Denali was added. She marveled at being able to read distant writing on athletes’ jerseys as well as being able to identify facial features of audience members. Everything appeared more three-dimensional, making it easy for us to imagine what such a device would do for diagnostic imaging in hospitals.”



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