Kuzma STABI R Turntable Review

March 28, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“Frank Kuzma’s turntables have a common quality that you can recognize in almost every case, regardless of whether we are talking about the cheapest Stabi S, the most expensive Stabi XL DC or the reviewed Stabi R—it’s how natural they are. They sound so organic, so smooth—but in the sense that there is no distortion that could distract listener—so fluidly that “natural sound” is the first phrase that comes to mind already when listening to the first record played on these turntables.

One can say that the Stabi R model is the case, where one could add another term to describe its sound—”analog.” Seemingly simple, but… music lovers and audiophiles looking for an “analog ound” often do not know what they are really looking for. Based on stereotypes, exclamatory descriptions of audio products, and finally yielding to the ignorance of the so-called “experts” think that if something sounds warm, it means that it sounds analog. They include both sound sources and amplifiers to this group, and even cables”.

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