KEF LSX Wireless Music System Review

May 16, 2019 § Leave a comment


“There was definitely some boundary-reinforcing going on and while the bass felt large, it never sounded sluggish or boomy. Things had a noticeable improvement thanks to a little help from the KEF Control app which lets you use DSP settings to fine-tune placement parameters. KEF calls this their “Music Integrity Engine.” These parameters include; where the speakers are placed (desk or stands), distance from the front edge of desk, distance to rear wall, room size, room tuning (Dampened, Moderate, Lively), dB-adjustments (-6dB~0dB) for Desk Mode, Wall Mode, Treble Trim, Phase Correction and Bass Extension (Less, Standard, Extra). Dialling-in the DSP helped tighten-up the notes between the lower octaves without it sounding like it had lost any of its punch. Ditto for upper-frequency extension which remained sweet, and airy without sacrificing resolution. Midrange was defined, bouncy, had meat on the bones and instruments like guitars, cellos, stand-up bass, piano and organ carried impact close to commiserate with their size.”

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