Ifi iOne Nano – Review

May 18, 2019 § Leave a comment

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Unlike the iDSD or their larger “Micro” series DAC, the iOne doesn’t also contain a headphone amp, so it’s a different animal form the rest of the companies DACs. Listening to headphones on a laptop you’ll want to combine it with the (stackable) iCAN. This is battery powered, so it will work, but it can’t charge via USB and thus could catch you out. Although the iCAN’s 70+ hour battery is supremely impressive if it could share the iOne’s USB cable to charge it would be perfect (v2 request :P). This also makes me wonder how long it would be until the convenience of bluetooth gets added to the Nano iDSD, where both DAC & amp are combined and the device is battery powered… Hmm 🙂

Adding the iOne to a home audio / entertainment system would probably have it surrounded by powered USB ports from a receiver or games consoles etc. however, using it to add Bluetooth to an aging hifi system might not be as easy to start. You would have to buy a USB power plug and a decent length USB cable. There is a cable included in the box, but it’s only long enough to place the iOne within a few 10cm of a powered USB port. It won’t reach anything from a power socket and it wasn’t long enough to reach the back of my desk from the desktop PC, directly underneath it. Although I’ve amassed many USB cables over the years this isn’t a particularly common type any more, so I do wish there was alonger one in the box. These tend to be needed for what you get them with (printers, scanners etc.) so you will probably will have to buy one for mains power as well as the plug”

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