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“The Aiva doesn’t really follow the norms for planar headphone tuning and in turn, it sounds a lot more ‘contrasty’, musical and engaging rather than shooting for absolute neutrality or accuracy. With an almost ethereal high-end performance, a warm and punchy low-end and vocal presence up to 1-2k that is quite clear sounding, the tuning is more for ‘fun’.

The hot spots in its FR elevation, whilst not wholly even-handed, shoot for excitement or immediate engagement shall we say. I would not go as far as to say this gravitates to some sort of standard V-shaped response curve because there are some oddities in the lower-treble that tend to accentuate that upper-treble brilliance but if you are looking to avoid neutral then the Aiva is a good place to start.

In some ways, I have heard aspects of this type of presentation with the AEON Closed, with a similar nod to the coloration on the low-end but nothing quite like that treble performance with the closest being the slightly more even keel of the Sundara top-end.”

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