Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL MZ2 Review

September 21, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“I threw a pretty wide variety of headphones at it, from super power-hungry planars, to very sensitive high-impedance dynamics and everything in between. The amp handled all but the most power hungry planars extremely well. If you’re looking to power an HE-6 or other headphone that eats current for breakfast, you might be better served elsewhere. While the MZ2 didn’t sound anemic, nor did the sound seem to break up as it does with lesser amps, but high powered solid state amps simply had more to offer here. That said, I was able to drive current Mr. Speakers, mid-priced HifiMan and Audeze headphones all without feeling the amp was being pushed too hard. It holds up exceptionally well even to some of these fairly inefficient cans. Unusually, I didn’t feel it paired any better or worse with high-impedance dynamics than inefficient planars. All the headphones seemed to work equally well with the amp, and it gave me a similar sonic personality with all of them.

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