Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum Review

November 7, 2019 § Leave a comment

So far, what I am hearing is a full-bodied and punchy low-end, an even-harmonic balance up into the mids with a slightly forward but richly textured vocal delivery. I did some initial comparisons with the Auris HA-2SE and Qutest pairing and I found its stock tube presentation to be a bit more neutral, especially in the mids.

Treble is a little rounded and fairly wet and smooth but definitely not lacking in resolution. There seems to be a little uptick in the upper treble performance of the selected headphones for this initial run through that prevented the pairings from sounding dark. Warm and a bit close maybe but definitely no veil or lacking in air.

I think I prefer this right now with the Empyrean over the RAD-0, the tuning of the Empyrean seems to pair ever so slightly better for mids than the RAD-o. It is creamy in part but definitely not smoothed over with the Empyrean. This is a detailed and very relaxing listening experience, especially for soulful vocal performances.

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