Magnepan Magneplanar LRS Review

November 17, 2019 § Leave a comment

“Do the LRS’s deserve their Stereophile Class A rating? Yes, and even more, because they’re much more than just a “taste of the high end.” Are they absolutely perfect? No, because they definitely have a restricted low frequency range, and certain tracks—especially those that contain strong mid-bass passages, like plucked upper-register acoustic bass—may cause the mid-bass panel to snap and misbehave. Not a common occurrence, but I can cite numerous instances of tracks that have given these babies some level of trouble—and they’re almost all jazz records. That said, the ability of these loudspeakers to portray a startlingly realistic image of the recorded event is stunningly good—I can’t heap on enough superlatives.

Back to the Wigglesworth Shostakovich disc; in the fourth movement “Finale. Allegro molto,” where the orchestral crescendos explode across the soundstage with enormously massive transients—you just wouldn’t expect an “entry level” pair of flat panel speakers to be able to recreate this music with completely unrestrained dynamics! The orchestral crash is literally like a train wreck taking place right inside the listening room, but the LRS manages to pull it off without strain of any kid. The series of tympani whacks that follow certainly gave me reason to hold the remote closely—just in case—but the LRS even took those completely in stride! The listening experience isn’t lacking in any way; even the $700 Schiit Vidar stereo amp was able to provide the necessary voltage to make the performance shockingly believable—not to flog a d”

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