Keith Monks Audio Record-Cleaning Machine $3450 Review

November 21, 2019 § Leave a comment

“Once the vacuum arm has reached the edge of the record, it will continue to move outward until it turns the motor and pump off. The entire process of brushing and vacuuming will take about 90 seconds. Some practice will be necessary to get just enough fluid on the record without waste. Too much fluid and the rapidly spinning platter (think 78rpm record speed) will splash off the excess onto the top plinth. Keep a tissue handy for the first few tries.

When it comes time to empty the waste fluid, you will also need to cut off the used cotton thread with a pair of scissors before putting the lid back on. Each record side uses very little thread, so if my experience is normal, you will only occasionally need to replace the spool. You will periodically need to use the provided Breakthemold fluid to keep the waste fluid tubes and jars clean. Just put a few tablespoons in a small dish and let the vacuum arm suck it up. After emptying that cleaner out, you are now ready to return to cleaning records.”

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