Manley Neo-Classic 250W Monoblocks $14,599

November 27, 2019 § Leave a comment

“In the end, how would I summarize these amps? They have great control, power, and coherence. They possess great extension in both high and low, and do it effortlessly. At no time did I feel they were straining. Reflecting on my time with these amps made me think of a great resto-modded automobile. For those who do not know what that is, a resto-mod usually consists of a classic car body with basically everything else redone to modern standards. These amps on the outside look like a classic amp, but beneath the surface they have been tweaked to modern standards without losing what made them originally special. If I had one criticism with these amps, it would be that although not clinical, they did not possess a classical tube amp bloom, or what some would say warmth. That type of musicality in an amp is subjective, and they did so many impressive things while I listened to them their strengths far outweighed a little warmth here and there when it came to reproducing human voices. What you get with the Manley Labs amps is classic workmanship, honest reproduction, and a hint of a vintage vibe that more people are coming to appreciate. It is not the newest product on the block, it is a tried and true application that prides itself on reliability, power, and control. These monoblocks are serious audio products that EveAnna and her team have made, but they also understand the joy of music and what these components can bring to the end user. Tubes rule! Give it a try. Take care!

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