Sonus Faber Heritage Collection Electa Amator III Loudspeakers

January 29, 2020 § Leave a comment

“My presentiments went unfulfilled. While the EAIII’s sound wasn’t strictly neutral, it was clear that its frequency response had been skillfully tailored. Consider “Take My Hand,” the final track of Dido’s No Angel (16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC, Arista/Tidal). The recording itself leans toward the hot side of neutral, Dido’s voice marked by a tetchily digital edge that highly resolving audio gear only exacerbates. The EAIII revealed the recording’s warts as well as I expected it to, with some low-level white noise audible right away, drifting in and out of audibility as the music’s focus shifted from Dido’s voice to her simple guitar chords and back again. And yet what should have been a more trebly, wince-worthy sound seemed to have been subtly glossed over. The bottom end of Dido’s voice was unusually robust. When she reached for the top of her range, I heard plenty of energy and drive, but it was delivered more smoothly than I’d expect from this track when listened to through dead-neutral speakers. Sonus Faber’s DAD tweeter was interesting, both for its performance envelope and its voicing in the EAIII. It sounded tilted up a decibel or two from what I would normally expect to hear. And while it never sounded dark, neither did this silk dome sound remotely harsh or bright.:”

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