Pure Audio One solid-state integrated amplifier $10,000 Review

March 6, 2020 § Leave a comment


When I first connected the system and pushed play, I was rather surprised by the valve-like presentation emanating from the amplifier. There was ambiance and depth to my first recording, Loreena McKennitt’s “Lullaby” from her album Elemental, which features Loreena’s vocals overtop of Douglas Campbell’s reading of William Blake’s Prologue intended for a dramatic piece of King Edward the Fourth. One of my complaints about solid state is that it often seems unable to play “gently” and provide an emotional experience with music that should touch your soul. It is usually an abysmal failure in this regard. Yes, solid state can punch you in the kidneys with massive bass slam at obnoxious volume levels, but usually at the expense of delicacy and insight. Thus, I was relieved that the Pure Audio One didn’t manhandle this album and retained the delicacy and allure of Loreena’s vocals and what I often refer to as the “breath of life” that goes missing with a lot of high end audio.”

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