Roon Labs Nucleus Plus Server $2499 Review

March 16, 2020 § Leave a comment

“In the following weeks, Kevro put me in touch with Roon’s VP of Marketing, Dipin Sehdev, who suggested that I try and resolve my issues using their forum, and he very kindly got Dylan Caudill, the Roon Manager of Technical Support, to focus on my issues to hopefully resolve them expeditiously. Dylan tried mightily to get my Nucleus Plus to see, read, and index the music files on all my hard drives, but we had limited success. 

Then Dylan suggested a maneuver on my iMac that I found quite complicated, and so I sought the help of Kevro to get it done. They introduced me to a more experienced Roon dealer in Alberta who is very knowledgeable and helpful. He proposed a real time TeamViewer session so that he could see and control my iMac to complete the maneuver that Roon required. During the TeamViewer session, in less than 30 minutes, the dealer also checked out my iMac and found solutions to every issue that Roon had been grappling with and he fixed every one of them. He also made a whole lot of setting adjustments within Roon so that the Nucleus Plus was not just up and running, but also firing on all cylinders. I could finally begin the review in earnest.

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