Craft Ears Craft 4 Review

April 6, 2020 § Leave a comment

“Now is there enough true sub-bass presence for the likes of dub-step track mixing in the studio? I am not too sure about that. At least not compared to a dynamic driver there might be less space to thin out the bass for kick drum channel mixing.

However, for percussion and traditional Trance mixing which needs a more rapid BPM and those aiming for a tighter level of timing then the dual-sub BA drivers do have the speed to keep up and more than a decent fundamental to prevent it from sounding too shallow.

The Craft 4 also seems to dip the lower-mids in requesting fashion to keep the bass from bleeding into the mids. The instrumental tone is light but smooth and clean with good separation. Male vocals are easy to pick out even if not that forward. Female vocals that pitch higher in a mixed or head voice/falsettos do much better on the Craft 4.”

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