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TM-8 has been around since 2014. It is a reformulated version of the highly-regarded Torumat TM-7, which was developed decades ago by a chemical engineer and rocket fuel designer named Toy Shigekawa. Groovy purchased the TM-7 formula and engaged two chemical engineers to secure production through currently available resources, including the highest quality commercially available ingredients. The result, says Groovy, is an ultra-pure, chemically-sound fluid that will not break down over time. Because one of the design goals was to clean the record without the use of substances that might harm or otherwise degrade vinyl, TM-8 contains no alcohol. Another goal, addressed by the use of ultra-pure ingredients, was to remove as much residue from the record as possible without requiring a separate rinse. Groovy maintains that TM-8 lowers surface noise and improves tracking, resulting in increased resolution and a neutral sonic signature. While Groovy does not recommend the use of TM-8 with ultrasonic record cleaning machines such as Audio Desk,

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