Pass Labs XP-12 Line-Level Preamplifier Review

November 12, 2020 § Leave a comment

“In today’s world, many listeners want a hifi that can provide high-fidelity listening from a number of popular sources, including streaming, Red Book CDs, as well as the always popular vinyl records.

So, for this article I thought it would be useful in characterizing the XP-12’s performance while listening to both digital and vinyl, as the output from a digital source goes directly into the XP-12, giving a clear picture of its line-level performance attributes without the additional sonic signature from a phono preamp and its associated cabling.

I haven’t had a dedicated Red Book CD player in my primary music system in quite a long time. As a result, I have not listened much to my 1000+ Red Book CD collection in ages, and until the arrival of the Audio Note (UK) CD 2.1x/II Level Two Red Book CD player, I had considered most Red Book CDs to be a lost cause for music listening based on past experiences.

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