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InEar ProMission X Review

PMX has good extension performance on top, with a very clean and airy presentation. Treble is very refined and not digitized to create a bright upper zone like many IEMs. The treble here is very successful and the treble contains a high level of detail. Especially the micro details in the cymbals reach your ears with everything. Of course, let me emphasize again that the source quality is very important.

With the combination of the spacious and airy structure in the treble and the fact that the IEM does not lose control even in the complex passages and the treble does not stick together, a very satisfying treble presentation emerges. Overall there is no shortcoming that I can find in this part.

The PMX’s treble resolution and transparency are hovering at the highest levels and it’s very admirable. Despite the clear and distinctive, well-defined treble presentation, there is no aggression or a piercing presentation.

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