Audience frontRow powerChords $6700 Review

December 12, 2020 § Leave a comment

“Quite out of character, you’ll find me sporting a silly grin these days. I’m engaged in a project I have wanted to do for the longest time: rolling the power cords on my amps. My silly grin is because both rounds so far have seriously upped my game, and I’m not done yet—there’s at least one more round coming up. The price point I’m looking at (MSRP between 6-9K/2m) is chock-a-block with exciting contenders. I knew I should have done this a long time ago!

The frontRow powerChords from Audience excel in every performance parameter you might deign to focus on, with particular distinction in two areas: timbres that bring a splash of exciting color and texture; and a low-end that is tuneful and dynamic as hell. They sound delicate and bold at the same time. Try as I might, there is nothing to quibble about their performance, let alone criticize.

The frontRow powerChords from Audience ascend to the power cord executive suite and deserve a seat at the chairman’s table. Definitely a contender—they have proven themselves worthy.”

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