Vimberg Amea Loudspeakers | REVIEW

December 16, 2020 § Leave a comment

Are the Vimberg Ameas the best two-way stand-mounted loudspeakers I’ve heard? Maybe. I’m not sure I’ve heard them all yet. Plus, the very idea that there’s a Vimberg Amea out there with the optional diamond tweeter makes me a little crazy. I need to hear that soon. I need to know how much better it can possibly get.

Once again, please don’t ask me how the Vimberg Amea compares to another two-way monitors out there. This is a beautifully made and meticulously engineered loudspeaker that needs to be evaluated and classified by one important criterion: sound quality. Is the price of this speaker justified by the sound quality? Big time. Do you need a big massive tower with a 12” woofer array to experience full-range sound in your listening room? I don’t. I can’t imagine needing anything that these “2-way bookshelf monitors” can’t supply.

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