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As for the form & factor, the charging case is not too big and easy to carry. That can also be said for the earphones. They’re definitely not small but not huge either. The housing is surprisingly resistant to scratches. Many smooth feeling surfaces are not. It is also rounded with no sharp edges or protrusion of any kind. The GT220 features touch controls and the touch-sensitive panel is located on each faceplate. It features a wide nozzle and is compatible with many third party wide tips such as the JVC Spiral Dots.

There is a microphone located on the outer side of each earphone. We will check the microphone quality in the features section. The Grado logo on the faceplate has 2-color status LEDs, blue & red. I would prefer something less cliché and more elegant, like a single white LED illuminating the Grado logo but it’s all subjective. The charging case also has 4 status LEDs to let you know about battery levels and charging status. Overall, the design is really good and looks very chic. The smooth to hand feeling of polycarbonate complement the sleek look of the Grado GT220 very well. Polycarbonate is a durable material and the GT220 will serve you for a long time without any problems.

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