Reel-To-Reel Recorders

February 12, 2021 § Leave a comment

The successor to the A77, the B77 represents a development of the older model rather than an entirely new design. A number of changes have been made, significant enough to say at the outset, that while I had considerable respect for the A77, I did not personally favour certain aspects of its performance, notably poor level matching, premature overload of electronics and poor control ergonomics. However, all these have been resolved in the new model, as well as refinements made.

For example, the capstan motor – the famous direct-drive tachogenerator design – has been further developed and is now closer to that of the Revox A700. The deck will also accept an accessory that allows fine control of capstan speed and hence of musical pitch, when required. Improvements to head quality have resulted in increased life as well as a more uniform frequency response, and the transport section has now eliminated those occasionally troublesome relays, with their function now carried out by semiconductors, bringing an expected increase in reliability.

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