May 12, 2021 § Leave a comment

Midrange acts similar to the low region. Absolute clarity, flat response, raw presentation. Gustard X16 will reveal if there is anything bad about the mastering. If you also like detailed, reference DACs like me, but also prefer a tad warmer midrange, I would suggest pairing the X16 with something like LCD-X or HD58X, rather than Hifiman DEVA for example. I paired X16 with the SMSL SH-9 and they made a brilliant couple, however, they’re nitpicking Tidal MQA tracks so beware. Pairing it with Archel 2.5 Pro resulted in a more effortless presentation. If you have a brilliant archive of well-mastered tracks, Gustard X16 will make you incredibly happy. Returning back to the midrange, vocals are presented with plenty of detail. It does not feel dry even though it is very flat. I can’t hear any mid-bass bloat or upper-mid harshness. Tonality-wise everything feels in place, however, note-thickness or weight, whichever you prefer, depends a lot on the equipment you pair it with. The accuracy is the most impressive side of this DAC.

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