iFi iDSD Diablo Headphone DAC/Amplifier Review

June 1, 2021 § Leave a comment


Bass notes by the late Chi Cheng had all the visceral buzz and pop you could ask for, and none of it was lost in the incredibly dense mix. Tone was good, if a little on the dry side, but the transient attacks were remarkably vivid. The aggressive drum fill that begins the next track ‘Rapture’ was startling, ferocious, but every head stroke was exquisitely defined, and filled with energy. On ‘Beware’, a long time demo-track for me, the frequency range presented by the Diablo-Sennheiser combo was impressive, almost other-worldly, with deep controlled bass, and extended airy highs. However, the synthesizer and other electronic samples didn’t have the warmth and body that I come to expect in truly high end DACs.

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