Audionet Humboldt Integrated Amplifier $55,000 Review

July 21, 2021 § Leave a comment

There was a loss of the last micron of detail in hall presence, and vocal reproduction had a slightly thick layer about it. The realism of overall reproduction was a quarter-wavelength of a gamma ray away from perfection. All these phenomena occurred at an almost imperceptibly low level, but combined, they added up to a sound that intermittently exposed its electro-mechanical origin rather than one that instantly made you forget you were listening to anything other than music itself. Keep in mind that I’m desperately grasping at straws to find these “faults,” and these criticisms are only in comparison to the highest-resolution, best-performing, most insanely expensive amps and preamps I have ever heard. Omitting the standard reference to particular pieces of music that highlight this or that, I can comfortably say that changing a cable will affect the sonic integrity of the signal more than adding the Humboldt will.

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