Triangle Antal 40th Anniversary Loudspeaker Review

November 13, 2021 § Leave a comment

There’s a lot going on here (violin, double-bass, and mandolin too), but the celebratory Antal admirably coped with the chop-and-change of timbres and left my foot tapping. Meanwhile, Lee Haslam’s ‘The Future’ [Slinky Concepts; Tidal] made brilliant use of the loudspeaker’s wide, full-range soundstage, its electronic soundscapes leaving me feeling almost pinned to my chair.

Finally, with ‘Georgia’ [The Seven EP; n/a cat no.], a sparse production by singer/songwriter Emily King that seems designed to mainly highlight her vocal talents, the loudspeaker put her right in front of me, all breathy and close-mic’d. Admittedly, this is the sort of song we’ve all heard countless times at hi-fi shows, but I was surprised by how this floorstander made it sound so intimate and articulate. And it wasn’t just King’s presence. Other details – acoustic guitar, gospel-style backing vocals, a gentle kick-drum – stood back a little, creating an image with an easy-to-visualise depth.

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