Magico A5 $24,800 Review

December 2, 2021 § Leave a comment

The A5, as I said, is built to NASA tolerances, and it performs like it. It offers micro-resolution, yet never approaches sounding analytical. Treble extension is near stratospheric, while dancing on the razor’s edge but never falling off. The tweeter is light, extended, airy, detailed, and delicate without any ringing, breakup, shoutiness, or fatigue. It’s quite remarkable, and it’s got dynamics to spare. I can understand why Alon chose this particular 28mm dome tweeter even over his diamond-coated variant for the A5; it just suits the overall voicing so well. The tweeter does offer near the same level of complexity and depth as the M2 tweeter, but seems to lack its sense of finesse and faster-than-light speed. If memory serves, the M tweeter may be a touch warmer overall. Yet the A5 tweeter is lightning fast, like a Maggie with laser-accurate image specificity. It presents the upper registers with an almost mystical weightlessness and fantastic acceleration, yet cushions them with mellowness without ever truncating extension. Details in the treble and midrange come through totally without restriction. With the rare combination of higher volumes and poor (or low-resolution) recordings, the A5 can blossom to the point of sounding tipped-up. A step or two lower on the old volume knob, or skipping that particular track, solves the problem post haste. This speaker does not, in any way, sugarcoat a miserably compressed file, offensive recording, or poor source.


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