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The loudspeakers can perfectly show the properties of a given recording and a given release, but they are not malicious, they do not try to bring out the problems of the albums, but rather their advantages, their beauty. They complete the midrange with a soft, natural-sounding bass with great focus, and although they show a lot of treble, they are more like tube amplifiers – that is, with a lot of energy, and without a sharp attack. They show a very deep and stable sound stage, which, however, does not extend widely to the sides. At the same time, they seem not particularly sensitive to placement in the room – I assume that this is due to the passive diaphragm.

Because the XAVIAN STELLA ESCLUSIVA are very good designs with well-organized sound with its calm inner peace. They require a fairly powerful amplifier, that is, one with good current efficiency, and a quality source. Don’t expect fireworks from them, because they are usually fireworks of vanity, not quality. Here we have quality, truth and exceptional workmanship. They are truly worth your interest! 


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